About Auto & RV Publications

Auto & RV Publications are published weekly in an effort to assist those who are buying or selling new or used vehicles. Our publications are available weekly in retail outlets throughout Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.

Copies of the magazine(s) can be mailed as a subscription for a fee. Please contact our Subscription Department at 574-658-4111 ext. 2335.

All advertisements and listings have been accepted for publication under the presumption that the information contained in them is true, and that all merchandise or services offered in the ads are available by the advertiser. Publication of advertising contained does not constitute endorsement.

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Management Team
  • Ron Baumgartner Publisher
  • Annette Weaver Business Manager
  • Steve Meadows Marketing Director
  • Jerry Long Circulation Director
  • Scott Slusser Director of Technology
  • Jennifer Young Pre-Press Production Manager
  • Amanda Ratliff Co-op Manager
Advertising Reps




Angie Cox
Mona Wooten
Rosemary Wright
Dan Kerlin
Dave Kerlin
Jackie Kerlin
Cheryl Ann Walls
Rick Rhodenbaugh
Craig Selvey
Christine Reeder
Doug Pickerill

Joan Storey
Bill Vinocur
Dennis Lennox
Greg Grooms
Melanie Radabaugh
Gina Oliver
Heather Purman
Tracy Kasdorf
Shannon Morris
Terri Ostrander

John Krumm
Rita McDowell
Greg Rosol
Dave Bowman
Brad Dyer 
Ken Jensen


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